COMPUFAX INC, is a company that provides Complete Computer Solutions.

The Computer Solutions provided by COMPUFAX INC will provide Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing capabilities to your data and will work on a Single PC or Apple Computer and on the IPAD or Iphone and they can also be deployed to a Local Server or to the Web.

COMPUFAX INC can provide you one of its own Solutions or can Develop a Custom Solution based in your specific needs, our vast Experience with the Development of Complete Computer Solutions is the best in the Industry.

Our Solutions are based on solutions like SoftFreight© a Software Solution to organize your Freight.

Please fill our Service Request Form and let us know how we can help you, you can also use it to request a Free Quote, or you can call us at (956) 791-7040 for a Free Phone Consultation.

               COMPUFAX INC, PO BOX 450436, LAREDO, TX. PHONE (956) 791-7040 EMAIL: support@compufaxinc.com